Supplies for Trading Star Wars Cards

Containers used for storing Star Wars cards vary to some degree and it often boils down to preference and cost. But when it comes to trading, there are two inexpensive products that every active trader should have available.

Penny Sleeves are inexpensive sleeves that can fit over a single card and cost about a penny each when you purchase them in bulk. You can purchase 500 Ultra Pro sleeves on Amazon for $6 (1.2 cents each) and if you're an Amazon Prime member then you'll get 2 day delivery at no cost.

Top Loaders are like penny sleeves, they hold a single card but are more rigid and therefore offer greater protection than a penny sleeve. They cost more than penny sleeves but are pretty much a standard when mailing single cards (singles) to other traders. You can purchase a pack of 25 Ultra Pro Top Loaders on Amazon for $5 (20 cents each).

When sending cards to a collector, it's a standard practice to place each card into a penny sleeve, and then into a top loader, the penny sleeve helps to prevent the card from slipping out of and bouncing around inside of the top loader. The top loader is then usually placed in a plain letter-sized envelope and taped shut, then placed into a padded envelope for mailing. So mailing a single card costs about $1, including postage, assuming domestic delivery.

Supplies for Storing Star Wars Cards

When it comes to storage, there are really only 2 choices: binders or boxes. Most collectors use both utilizing boxes for long term storage of cards that rarely or never get handled and binders for cards intended to be displayed and viewed. Both solutions should allow you to include the penny sleeve when stored. This allows you to remove the card without risk of damaging it, especially the corners of cards that are kept in a binder.

Clear plastic is preferred for box storage but when it comes to binders it can be a difficult choice since there are many binder solutions. It can at times be difficult to find a binder that will fit a card that is made somewhat larger with a penny sleeve and many binders are designed for thinner CCG cards.