Star Wars Trading Cards Escrow Service

Star Wars Trading Cards Escrow Service

If a trade feels too good to be true, or if there is a question of trust, then we offer an escrow service to help protect both parties.

How it works

  1. Two parties agree on a trade
  2. Both parties mail their cards to us
  3. We inspect the packages to make sure that they match the trade agreement of both parties
  4. We then mail the cards to the two parties completing the trade

In this way, we act as an intermediary inspection service prior to letting the mail continue on to their destinations. If there is a question of content or condition of content, then this will be communicated to both parties so that they can agree on how to proceed. If there is a discrepancy, then any party can cancel the trade and we will return the cards.


When mailing your cards to us, you must include a pre-printed postage stamp that we can affix to the package. This means that you have to pay for postage twice; once when sending to us, and then a second time for when we ship the package out to your trade partner, or for returning to you should either party decide to cancel the trade. You must also include a shipping label that contains the address of the recipient. We will repackage the cards and then ship them out to both parties on the same day.


As payment to us for providing this escrow service, we ask for any amount of Topps Star Wars cards. Though you can send just one card, and if you are only trading one card then this works well enough, but in the event that you happen to be trading a larger volume of cards, then we ask that you donate a high number of cards to help compensate our time as it does take time to inspect a larger count of cards. As a general rule, always include at least one donation card for every 10 cards traded, though we will happily accept more.

  1. We don't accept any widevision or jumbo cards.
  2. Donated cards can be any of the cards from the site Checklist.
  3. Donated cards must be in Mint or Near Mint condition.
  4. We will list the cards you donate to us within the trade history.
  5. Be sure to label the cards that you intend to go to us as a payment for this escrow service.


The inspection phase will cover several aspects:

  1. Matching the content and looking for any missing content.
  2. Judging the condition of the content. We're not licensed graders, but we'll do our best to ascertain the grade of the cards to be sure that they match up with the trade agreement, unless of course these details were left out of the trade agreement. If we're not sure about the condition, then we'll take some photo's and pass them on to you so that you can make the final decision.

Please note: It is customary to sometimes send an extra thank-you card when trading. We will not inspect the condition of any thank-you cards since they were not part of the original trade agreement.


For sealed card containers, we are only able to inspect the sealed package whether it be a box or pack. We will look for any signs of tampering but are otherwise unable to inspect the contents.

We are currently offering this service for Topps Star Wars cards only as we are not familiar enough with other Star Wars cards.


For questions, or to send an escrow request, contact us.