Topps Denny’s Solo Star Wars Cards

Topps Denny’s Solo Star Wars Cards

Beginning April 2018, with a dual-branding agreement with Topps, Denny's is offering Star Wars character cards at their restaurants throughout the United States. Sealed packs will sell for $3 and include 2 cards and two coupons, one for food at Denny's and the other for Topps Star Wars cards and autographs. In addition to 12 base cards, foil parallels were inserted within the packs at a rate of 1:100. The face of the cards picture characters from the new Star Wars Solo film due to release May 25th and the promo set officially ends June 25th, or while supplies last. This will coincide with a full Solo card set due to release at about the same time. The card back forms two 6-card puzzles, one of the Millennium Falcon and the other a Tie-Fighter.

  • Base Cards (12)
  • Foil Cards (?) (Anyone know? contact me.)

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