Starwars Galaxy Series 5-7

[2010] Star Wars Galaxy, Series V
[2011] Star Wars Galaxy, Series VI
[2012] Star Wars Galaxy, Series VII

Star Wars Galaxy, Series V (2010)

Despite the large number of errors found in series IV of the Star Wars Galaxy set, in 2010 Topps went on to publish series V, marking the first set to match the same number of series as the original 1977 vintage Star Wars set. However, Topps would continue to release additional series. Apparently there is a lot of art out there for Star Wars and the Star Wars Galaxy set continues to showcase it.

  • Base Cards: (120)
  • Etched Foil Cards: (6)
  • Foil Art Cards: (15)
  • Lost Galaxy Cards: (5)
  • Sketch Cards:

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