Star Wars Widevision (1995)

Star Wars Widevision (1995)

This widevision set features movie photo's from the fully remastered release of the original Star Wars movie Episode IV. Each card includes a holographic foil in the form of the Topps Widevision logo.

  • Base Cards: (120)
  • Finest Chromium: (10) (1:11)
  • Promo Cards: (13)
    • SWP0 Han, Chewbacca, Luke: Star Wars Galaxy 2 Tin
    • SWP1 Sandtroopers: Non-Sports Update v6 n6 and Conventions
    • SWP2 Millennium Falcon Cockpit: Advance Comics #72
    • SWP3 TIE Fighters: Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #1
    • SWP4 Star Destroyer: Wizard Magazine #42
    • SWP5 Darth Vader Choking Rebel: Tuff Stuff's Collect 1/95
    • SWP6 Princess Leia and C3P0: Cards Illustrated #14
    • 5 x 7 Han in Gunport: Previews 10/94
    • #00 Luke by X-Wing: Widevision Binder Only
    • K01 Darth Vader Choking Rebel: Kenner Classic 4-Pack
    • K02 Luke in Cockpit: Kenner Classic 4-Pack
    • K03 Millennium Falcon Cockpit: Kenner Classic 4-Pack
    • K04 Han Solo: Kenner Classic 4-Pack

Topps Empire Strikes Back Widevision (1995)

Like the Star Wars set, this set is also in Widevision format giving the collector another view, and fewer container choices all at once.

  • Base Cards: (144)
  • Finest Chromium Inserts: (10) (1:12)
  • Mini Posters: (6) (1:1 box)
  • Promo Cards: (7)
    • 0 Vader in Meditation Chamber: Star Wars Galaxy Magazine #3
    • P1 Vader Tortures Han Solo: Advance Comics #79 and Conventions
    • P2 AT-AT Walkers: Non-Sports Update v.6, n.4
    • P3 Yoda Surprises Luke: Tuff Stuff's Collect 8/95
    • CIP4 Luke in Cloud City: Combo Magazine #7
    • P5 Slave I: Conventions
    • P6 Closing Scene: Wizard #48

Topps Return of The Jedi Widevision (1995)

Due to the fact that the source file for these cards came from a digitally remastered version of the original film, the images on these cards are pronounced and clear. This is the first time that cards with an image quality of this nature for ROTJ were released. But this would be the beginning of a new trend for future sets as well.

  • Base Cards: (144)
  • Finest Chromium Inserts: (10) (1:12)
  • Mini Posters: (6)
  • 3D Card (1) One per case
  • Promo Cards: (8) (0 SWFM, 0 Oversized, P1-P6)

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