Star Wars Trilogy

1997 Star Wars Trilogy: The Complete Story (Retail)

The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition was a theatrical anniversary edition of the original trilogy that celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the release of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. During the same year, Topps released a special edition retail set of Widevision cards. This set of 72 cards was evenly divided to showcase scenes from each of the original 3 movies.

  • Base Cards: (72)
  • Chase Cards (6)
  • Promo Cards: (17)

1997 Star Wars Trilogy: Special Edition (Hobby)

In addition to the retail set, there was also a special edition hobby set release. While the retail set shared the glory between all 3 original films, the special edition focused primarily on Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and featured a gold foil 'widevision' stamp in one corner. Hence, this set is referred to as the "Special Edition" set and the retail version featuring cuts from all 3 trilogy movies was referred to as "The Complete Story".

  • Base Cards: (72)
  • Chase Cards (6)
  • Hologram Cards: (2)

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