Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story

[2018] Countdown to Solo: A Star Wars Story


Countdown to Solo is a print on demand trading card set that was released, one card at a time, prior to the release of the film Solo (May 15th). To purchase the cards, collectors had to visit the Topps website everyday and order that days released card before a countdown timer ended. Each card cost $9.99.

Due to the fact that this is a print on demand only set, some have speculated this will probably be a hard set to complete, especially by those looking to add a new set to their collection after May 15th. However it should be noted that each day a random card was selected to be sold, indicating that despite the 24 hour deadline and notice of Sold Out, Topps is probably sitting on a small mountain of these cards. Additionally, these cards could be purchased in larger quantities during the weekend, including the entire set of 20 cards for $79.99 which brought the price of the cards down to a more reasonable $3.99.

Some of the cards feature never before seen imagery from the film with a classic puzzle back but many of the cards feature characters that we all know very well.

  • Base Cards (20)

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