Journey To Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi


A cursory glance at the title of this set might have you convinced that this is a sneak peak set for Episode VIII, The Last Jedi. The fact that this set released two months prior to the movie, would further convince you of this. However, the set contains movie photo's from the entire franchise up to and including Episode 8 as well as photo cards from the animated mini-series. That, combined with the fact that the card design is a throwback to the original 1977 blue border starfield background identifies this as a sleeper set that is probably getting over-looked by a lot of collectors. It's a beautiful set of cards and one of my favorites from the Disney Era, possibly my very favorite from the era, or a close 2nd.

The cards are printed with a flat finish which is a surprisingly pleasant change from the overwhelmingly popular glossy finish of most newer cards these days. Printed on 24-point Heritage stock, these cards are noticeably thicker than most, a box that would ordinarily hold 50 cards will only hold 35 cards from this set.

  • Base Cards: (110)
  • Parallel Cards:
    • Green Starfield: (1:1)
    • Black Starfield: (1:2)
    • Silver Starfield: (1:4)
    • Red Starfield (Target Blaster Box): (1:1)
    • Purple Starfield (Walmart Blaster Box): (1:1)
    • White Starfield: (Hobby) (#/199)
    • Orange Starfield: (Hobby) (#/50)
    • Gold Starfield: (Hobby) (#/25)
    • Imperial Red: (Hobby) (1/1)
    • Printing Plates: (1/1)
  • Autograph Cards: (65)
    • Parallel Purple: (#/99)
    • Parallel Orange: (#/25)
    • Parallel Gold: (Hobby) (#/10)
    • Parallel Imperial Red: (Hobby) (1/1)
    • Parallel Printing Plates: (1/1)
  • Dual Autographs: (4)
  • Triple Autographs: (2)
  • Six-Person Autographs: (1)
  • Galactic Emblem Patch Relic Cards: (38)
    • Parallel Orange: (#/99)
    • Parallel Gold: (Hobby) (#/25)
    • Parallel Imperial Red: (Hobby) (1/1)
  • Allies (GameStop Only): (5)
  • Blueprints: (7)
  • Character Set: (16)
  • Character Retro Stickers: (18)
  • Choose Your Destiny (Target Only): (10)
  • Darkness Rises Set: (6)
  • Family Legacy (Walmart Only): (6)
  • Illustrated Characters Set: (14)
  • Rey Continuity Set: (5)
  • Sketch Cards: (134)

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