Star Wars: Card Trader

Star Wars: Card Trader (2015 Digital Version)


In 2015, Topps released a mobile app called Star Wars Card Trader, a digital card trading app. Reviews of the app are quite mixed. Many reviews complain of an unstable app that crashes a lot, especially on Android devices.

Another issue is that despite it being available on Android, the only way to create an account to enable all available features is to sign up using Facebook essentially turning it into a Facebook App. Non-optimized text size has prompted some users to install the App on BlueStacks, an Android emulator that runs on computers, but it's impossible to create an account using BlueStacks, even if you do have a Facebook account.

Anyone with the installed app can still receive free packs on a daily basis, but without an account they won't be able to purchase or trade cards. Some users that either reset their mobile device or purchased a new one, claim that they have lost all of their digital cards, including cards that they purchased and some cards are quite expensive, like a movie photo of Han Solo that sells for over $200.

Star Wars: Card Trader (2016 Physical Version)

In 2016, Topps released a physical version of the virtual Star Wars: Card Trader set. This cross-over set can also unlock additional exclusive cards within the app. The autograph cards that we're used to seeing in physical format don't exist in this set. Instead App codes randomly inserted will unlock the digital version of the autograph cards within the app.

  • Base Cards: (100)
  • Bounty Insert: (20)
  • Classic Artwork: (20)
  • Film Quotes: (20)
  • Galactic Moments: (20)
  • Reflections: (7)
  • Topps Choice: (13)
  • Star Wars Actor Digital Autographs (20)
    • Serial Numberd: #/25
    • Red Parallel Cards: #/10
    • Gold Parallel Cards: #/5

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