Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Cards

Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Cards (2002)


Unsatisfied with the distribution of the Episode I Widevision cards, Topps decided to get back on track with the release of Episode II, releasing both widevision as well as standard size trading cards, and there was much rejoicing throughout the galaxy.

The cards are thicker than most and you will find that a box that typically held 50 cards will only hold 40 cards from this set. Much effort went to making this a sharp looking set with a high gloss finish and a silver foil logo. However, there were quite a few bad cuts from this set too, though they're barely noticeable unless you're stacking the cards. But chipping at the edge is also quite common, and much more noticeable. Most of the inserts were fairly easy to find, but the Promo cards were available exclusively through a variety of sources and harder to chase down.

  • Base Cards: (100)
  • Silver Foil Cards: (10)
  • Panoramic Fold-Out Cards: (5)
  • Prismatic Foil Cards: (8)
  • Promo Cards: (5)

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