2008 Topps Star Wars Clone Wars

Topps Star Wars Clone Wars (2008)

For fans of the animated 2008 CGI movie Star Wars the Clone Wars, this set does not disappoint. Not to be confused with the TV series that ran from between 2008 and 2014, this movie photo set predates the series and is based on the movie alone.

  • Base Cards: (90)
  • Parallel Foil Set (Hobby Only): (#/205)
  • Animated Cel Cards: (10)
  • Foil Cards (Retail Only): (10)
  • Motion Cards (Retail Only): (5)
  • Red Animation Cel Cards (Target Retail): (5)
  • Blue Animation Cel Cards (Wal-Mart Retail): (5)
  • Bonus Box Coins: (12)
    • Target: (Red Border)
    • Wal-Mart: (Blue)
    • Toys R Us: (Yellow)
  • Promo Cards: (2)
  • Sketch Cards (Hobby Only): (?) Do you know?

Topps Star Wars Clone Wars Stickers (2008)

Like the cards, this set of Topps Star Wars Clone Wars stickers is based on the 2008 film, not the TV series that ran between 2008 and 2014. Cards 1-45 are character stickers, some with emblems that can also be peeled. The remaining half of the set are based on scenes from the movie.

Sticker #45 deserves a special note. This sticker features R2-D2 with a pink R2-KT; a droid created in remembrance of Katie, the beloved daughter of the founder of the 501st.

  • Sticker Cards: (90)
  • Foil Stickers: (10)
  • Pop-Up Character Cards: (10)
  • Tattoos: (10)
  • Magnets: (9)
  • Tin Exclusives: (6)

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