Card Swap

Easy Card Swap

With this program, there's no haggling over which cards to trade, you decide. Select the swap option you like, send any 2 cards, and pick the card you want in return. The trade is guaranteed and I'll complete it even if I don't need the cards you're sending. Here are the details:

  1. For every 2 cards you send me, I will send you the card of your choice.
  2. You can send any cards accepted within the swap option, including dupes.
  3. I accept cards in Mint or Near Mint condition and will likewise send your cards in the same condition.

When you send your cards, please include a self-addressed padded envelope (or better) and place them in penny sleeves and toploaders. I'll return all sleeves and toploaders to you and pay for my share of the shipping when sending your card(s) (U.S. only). Please don't stuff more than 2 sleeved cards into 1 toploader.

Swap Options

To swap cards, contact me and let me know which cards you are claiming so that I can reserve them, I'll reply with my mailing address. More swap options coming soon.