ForceCards is a labor of love, a reflection of my hobby of collecting Topps Star Wars Cards since 1977.

Trade Etiquette

With any trade agreement, the party making contact to offer a trade should send first, we'll call him the solicitor. Likewise, the individual that agrees to the trade (we'll call him him a "trade partner") should wait until the item is received before sending their agreed-upon item to the solicitor. There may be some exceptions to waiting. For example: whenever the solicitor provides a tracking code.

So according to standard trade etiquette, if you contact me for a trade, then you should be prepared to send first. Likewise if I contact you for a trade, then I'm prepared to send first. This should apply to any trade venue you find online. Obviously the apprehension associated with trade via mail leads to few trades via this manner. But this niche hobby also means that is is unlikely that you will find people close enough to meetup with.

Withheld Sets

This site does not include checklists for digital sets, sets that are intended to promote or accompany digital sets, POD cards, pricey sets like Masterworks and Signature series, and unless noted, sets with less than 11 cards. Do you disagree with my omissions?


Please note that any rarities listed on this site may be inaccurate. This is due to false and mistaken reporting on source sites. In many cases, the odds were released before the set was released and then the odds were changed before print and distribution but without correction by other source sites.

When I began double checking the rarity listed by others I was surprised to see so many inaccurate reports. I'm trying to hunt down packs for all sets so that this site will reflect rarity with as much accuracy as possible. In this case, when viewing checklists, sets that I have personally verified via a pack wrap in my hand are indicated.

That being said. Don't overlook the possibility that TOPPS has made mistakes. For example, with the 2018 Topps Star Wars Galactic Files, orange parallels are present at the rate of about 1:2 packs but there is no mention of orange parallels on the pack wrap.