ForceCards is a labor of love aiming to create a safe venue for collectors that want to list or trade Star Wars cards with other star wars fans.

Rules & Behavior

Violations of these rules could result in anything between a warning or site ban.

  • [Rule] Treat others as you would have them treat you.
  • [Rule] Keep your profile page relevant to Star Wars.
  • [Rule] No spam, this includes forum posts and profile pages.

Sending Trade Requests
You can send trade offers to other members of the community through information they post on their profile page, or by clicking their name. As a general rule of behavior, it is suggested, though not required, that when contacting another member to offer a trade, that both parties agree to send their cards on the same day. Otherwise the party offering the trade should send first. If you're new to the site then you will have to first complete a swap with the site admin prior to being granted membership to ForceCards.

Withheld Sets

This site does not include checklists for digital sets, sets that are intended to promote or accompany digital sets, 'on demand' sets, or sets with less than 10 cards. While the novelty of digital sets can be fun, we don't consider digital sets to be a viable option for most collectors.


Contacting Support
The following list of site members are either admins or mods. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or issues then you can message any of them directly. But for a faster reply, it is recommended that you contact us using the contact page. Some of the staff members may also have commenting enabled on their profile pages. You can also use this list to double check the credentials of anyone claiming to be a member of the site staff: